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Rationality in the context of emotional brain concept

   | Mar 25, 2019


Emotions are integral part of living entities, to primates and human in particular. In M. Tulli Ciceronis “Disputationum Libri Quinque”, Third Book there is a fragment about the condition of spirit (adefectus, now: affectus). In this dialogue following statement is being forwarded: “quails autem homo adfectus esset, talem eius esse orationem”. Even that from the text does not arise directly that is refers to emotions as sensibilis in the title of my article I use homo affectus as a term to describe a human. In his research neurobiologist Joseph LeDoux is clearly pointing out that the origination of emotion occurs independently to rationality. However in human brain as he claims emotions and thoughts combine together giving a foundation for human spirituality creation.

In search for what could be a foundation for contemporary man spiritual condition I would define it with LeDoux’s emotional the brain. The title and analysis carried out seems to indicate a difference between the primates and human. Neocrtex evolution in brain offers great hopes for spiritual development of human kind. In this development emotions (feelings) cannot be discarded), because they are a vital part of the evolutionary process of homo spiritual or in creativity aspect – homo creator (in intellectual aspect homo sapiens is expected to become homo sapientissimus). It seems that attributing human with the status of Homo Sapiens on this stage of evolution is a hopeful wish and according to neurobiological research, it is a huge leap into the future.

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