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Management of severe haemophilia A during surgery: case report


We describe the case of a patient with severe haemophilia A and significant comorbidities who underwent surgery to remove a large intra-abdominal haematoma first diagnosed 12 years previously. The haemophilia team was instrumental in coordinating care, building a strong rapport with surgical and other medical teams to manage bleeding risk with continuous infusion of factor VIII (FVIII). Medical teams adjusted their working hours according to clinical need. Haemophilia nurses were available to offer support at all times, and developed management procedures and educated staff on haemophilia and its treatment. Perioperative complications included a thrombus occluding the right internal jugular vein, infection and paraesthesia. However, surgery was effective and the patient was pleased with the overall outcome. Haemophilia nurses established strong and rewarding relationships with other teams that will enhance the delivery of care in the future.

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