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Study on the Libero’s Game Patterns in Serve Take-Over in Junior Volleyball Teams II


In our present paper we will try to illustrate, for the benefit of those directly involved such as players, teachers and game leaders - some aspects that, by defining new game and training concepts dedicated to juniors II, could prove essential to the progress and present development of volleyball.

Based on existing facts, we consider that our present research is necessary and modern at the same time, because of the evolution of volleyball as a sport, and due to the belief that our hypothesis has both theoretical value with consistent chances of generalization, and practical value with immediate applicability, too. Another argument would be the fact that finding adequate solutions for increasing defence efficiency could also lead to great results, since a proper defence strategy has, in most cases, a decisive influence upon the results at the end of the game.

Our present endeavour falls into the categories of volleyball theory and method, and we pledge to bring our modest contribution to the development of theoretical material useful to volleyball specialists, that could also help reinventing this particular sport discipline in our country.

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