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Three-Dimensional Simulation of High Reynolds Turbulent Flows in a Rectangular Open Channel with the Presence of a Disruptive Element (Obstacles) Transversely


This study aims at describing a three-dimensional simulation of a turbulent flow with a high Reynolds number in a rectangular open channel with the presence of a disruptive element (obstacles) transversely. The numerical study is based on measuring the flow velocity in two directions, i.e., horizontal and vertical, in four planes located near the obstacle built across a simulated channel. For the modeling of the free surface, a Volume Of Fluid (VOF) multiphase flow model is used. In the present case, namely a study of turbulence, three numerical models are compared, a k-ε standard, a k-w standard and a Reynolds Stress Model (RSM). The verification of the simulation results has allowed us to show the advantages of the Reynolds stress model. This model is more representative of the phenomena of an intense vortex flow in the presence of obstacles, especially in drainage systems.

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