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22 Feb 2016
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Influence of altitude on seed and seedling characteristics in Quercus leucotrichophora A. Camus. ex. Bahadur

Published Online: 01 Aug 2017
Page range: 36 - 43
Received: 22 Jun 2011
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First Published
22 Feb 2016
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1 time per year

The present investigation was conducted to record variation of seed and seedling morphological characteristics and germination among eighteen provenances of Quercus leucotrichophora. These traits are important for improving the planting stock material in hand. Significant variations (p<0.05) were recorded for different morphological parameters of seed and seedling among the different provenances. Seed weight was the most variable character among morphological characteristics. Shoot/root ratio and root growth were more variable characters among the seedling traits. Altitude had significant positive relationship with seed weight, seed length and germination per cent. Soil pH was positively correlated with seed weight and germination. These parameters could be used as important criteria for seed source selection. Broad-sense heritability (h2) calculated for different seed and seedling traits showed a considerable portion of genetic variation suggesting the possibility of rapid genetic improvement of these traits. Furthermore, this variability appeared to be geographically structured and would be mainly genetically controlled. Thus the results of present study should be helpful for growing planting material of this potential tree species in afforestation of subtropical to temperate region of Garhwal Himalaya, India.


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