The scope of the research is to investigate and to present the human being as a whole. The article presents a series of experiments regarding the human being. It reveals, based on proven facts, such as video footages and scientific measurements, that the human being is not only just a simple physical body. It is a complex structure with an energy shell and a soul with an essential role and these details have to be studied more thoroughly in the future. As the human body uses energy, specific measurement practices are applied. The authors used an Electro Photonic Imaging Device and a Thermal Vision Camera Device because the measured energy frequencies are not within the optical visual frequency range. The general and the detailed human body health state can be evaluated using the EPI Device. Despite the classical medicine approach that considers only the physical component of the body, the article proves the existence and reveals a wider behavior of the human being from the supplementary point of view which is often called spirit, soul, ethereal body or just entity. It is also shown that the human being is capable of evaluating and healing by own means. Thus, a study case is presented regarding the health state evolution during a period of one year, while the human body is continuously taking care of itself. The complete control of the entire human being leads to a continuous good health and also to a good physical and psychic state, with increased performances in all activities. All these achievements can be useful to also obtain a very good job. The objective of the authors are to proof that the soul exists and also that every person can act to improve the own health, the general state and so to rich easier the happiness.