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16 Apr 2015
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Anti-Romani Terrorism in Europe

Published Online: 17 Oct 2016
Volume & Issue: Volume 12 (2016) - Issue 2 (December 2016)
Page range: 69 - 91
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First Published
16 Apr 2015
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2 times per year

This article analyzes terrorism against the Roma in Europe. It identifies acts of terrorism in violence that targets the largest stateless nation on the continent and categorizes this terrorism according to current research methods. Focusing on events in both Western and Eastern Europe, the article analyses and compares the most significant terrorist acts against the Roma of recent years. It concludes that anti-Romani terrorism is heterogeneous in terms of tactics, strategies, and ideological justification, yet can usually be subsumed into the broadly conceived category of far-right terrorism. The variety of attacks suggests that terrorist acts are an offshoot of the broad spectrum of anti-Romani activity, and are influenced by contemporary trends in inter-ethnic violence.


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