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Fractional-order low-pass filter with electronic tunability of its order and pole frequency


This paper presents novel solution of a fractional-order low-pass filter (FLPF). The proposed filter operates in the current mode and it is designed using third-order inverse follow-the-leader feedback topology and operational transconductance amplifiers (OTAs), adjustable current amplifiers (ACAs), auxiliary multiple-output current follower (MO-CF) as simple active elements. The filter offers the beneficial ability of the electronic control of its order and also the pole frequency thanks to electronically controlled internal parameters of OTAs and ACAs. As an example, five particular values of fractional order of the FLPF were chosen and parameters of the filter were calculated. Similarly, also electronic control of the pole frequency of the filter was studied. The design correctness and proper function of the filter are supported by simulations with CMOS models and also by experimental laboratory measurements. Comparison of the simulation results of the proposed filter for two different approximations of the parameter sα is also included.

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