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Exploring customer satisfaction with university cafeteria food services. An empirical study of Temptation Restaurant at Taylor’s University, Malaysia


This study investigates the link between the different service characteristics that have an influence on customer satisfaction in university cafeteria food services. A conceptual model comprising of different variables like food and beverage quality, service quality, food choice, price and value equality, and ambience were studied for customer satisfaction to explore the relationship among them. This study examined how dining experiences influence the satisfaction and loyalty of both non-mature (students) and mature (staff) customers, in order to find their similarities and differences within the context of university cafeteria services. The study was conducted at Taylor’s University in Malaysia by using a quantitative research approach, and 231 students and 63 staff members of the university participated in the study. The findings reveal that the various quality factors considered in the study are positively correlated with customer satisfaction and have a significant impact on the satisfaction level of both students and staff who dined at the university cafeteria. It could be concluded from the results that the influence of price offered at the university cafeteria had a significant effect on respondents’ loyalty. The result of this study offers a direction towards better the services and facilities, which lead to an increase of the competitive influence of the restaurant business in the marketplace.