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Strategy of Czech Medium-Sized Royal Towns with Regard to Tourism Development


The medium-sized historical towns in Czechia have at their disposal a preserved cultural heritage which constitutes important potential for tourism. Apart from some exceptions, these towns are rarely a destination of tourists, but rather of the visitors who come to visit them in connection with a targeted stay destination. They also choose them as an alternative to optional excursions, just from the destination of their stay (also from the place of their permanent residence). Based on the intensification indicators calculated from publicly accessible data, this study answers the question of what the position of tourism in the selected towns (Czech royal towns with the population size between 10,000 and 30,000 inhabitants) is. Based on the strategic documents, it analyses what strategies were chosen by the selected royal towns for their development. It also analyses whether the topic of tourism that can undoubtedly without doubts rely on its historical potential, declared by legislative protection of cultural heritage, is represented and what its importance is.

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