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Compress-and-Forward for Relay Broadcast Channels without Common Messages

 and    | Jul 03, 2015


This paper is connected with compress-and-forward strategy for two-user relay broadcast channels without common messages, where the relay node has private messages from the source, in addition to aiding traditional communication from the source to the destination. For this channel we derive two achievable rate regions based on the compress-and-forward strategy in cases of discrete memoryless channels and Gaussian channels, respectively. The numerical results for Gaussian relay broadcast channel show that the inner bound based on the compress-and-forward strategy improves when all the messages without peeling off any components are compressed and sent to the receiver. It also verifies that the inner bound based on compress-and-forward strategy is better than that based on decode-and-forward strategy, when the relay node is near to the sink node. Moreover, the rate region of the broadcast channel improves considerably when the collaboration between the two receivers is allowed. So the relay node can provide residual resources to help the communication between the source and the sink after its communication rate is satisfied, which gives some insights to select an available relay node in a practical communication system.

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