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Wild Rosa L. taxa of the National Nature Park ‘Podilskyi Tovtry’ (Podolian Hills, Western Ukraine)


The present paper discusses the wild roses of the National Nature Park ‘Podilskyi Tovtry’. The purpose of the work was to compile a full list of the wild Rosa taxa growing in the study area and present their distribution. Based on the field studies during the years 2009-2013 and published data, 20 taxa have been recorded, among them: 16 native species (including three hybrids with the rank of species), 2 anthropophytes and 2 hybrids. However, the taxonomical status of Rosa caryophyllacea Besser is not clear and species requires taxonomical revision. Three new rosa species for the Park were found during the studies. These are: Rosa micrantha, R. ×subcanina and R. ×subcollina. The list of the roses occurring in this area is still far away from being completed, therefore, further research is needed.

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