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Cutting Capacity and Wear Resistance of Cr2O3-AlN Nanocomposite Ceramic Obtained by Field Activated Sintering Technique (Fast)


Chromium oxide ceramics may be considered as a new generation of ceramic materials for cutting tools with considerably improved high speed cutting performance. The present work is focused on the development of Cr2O3 nanocomposite materials fabricated with the Field Activated Sintering Technique (FAST). The main objective of the proposed work is to study the influence of electric field on the densification process during FAST sintering of the materials in the Cr2O3-AlN system with nanosize microstructure. Additional objectives are to characterize mechanical properties of the obtained Cr2O3 ceramics. The work aimed to develop composite materials based on Cr2O3-based nanoparticles for cutting, then to check their cutting properties and to work out the recommendations for their use for processing of various materials, accordingly.

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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials