Open Access

The Acquisition of Context Data of Study Process and their Application in Classroom and Intelligent Tutoring Systems

   | Mar 07, 2016


Over the last decade, researchers are investigating the potential of the educational paradigm shift from the traditional “one-size-fits all” teaching approach to an adaptive and more personalized study process. Availability of fast mobile connections along with the portative handheld device evolution, like phones and tablets, enable teachers and learners to communicate and interact with each other in a completely different way and speed. The mentioned devices not only deliver tutoring material to the learner, but might also serve as sensors to provide data about the learning process itself, e.g., learning conditions, location, detailed information on learning of tutoring material and other information. This sensor data put into the context of the study process can be widely used to improve student experience in the classroom and e-learning by providing more precise and detailed information to the teacher and/or an intelligent tutoring system for the selection of an appropriate tutoring strategy. This paper analyses and discusses acquisition, processing, and application scenarios of contextual information.