With the proliferation of mobile and distributed systems capable of providing its geoposition and even the geoposition of any other element, commonly called point of interest, developers have created a multitude of new software applications. For this purpose, different technologies such as the GPS or mobile networks are used. There are different languages or formats used to define these points of interest and some applications that facilitate such work. However, there is no globally accepted standard language, which complicates the intercommunication, portability and re-usability of the definitions of points of interest currently in use. In this paper, we take the first steps towards a language and a development environment independent of the underlying technologies, allowing developers to define the points of interest in a simple and fast way, and automatically generate other different formats from the same definition that can be considered a bridge among current technologies. We use the Model-Driven Engineering approach, focusing on the creation of models to abstract the definition of systems from the underlying technologies.