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Vascular plant biodiversity of floodplain forest geobiocoenosis in Lower Morava river Basin (forest district Tvrdonice), Czech Republic


This paper presents an evaluation of full-area floristic mapping of floodplain forest in Tvrdonice forest district (Židlochovice Forest Enterprise) based on a single forest stand inventory. The study area encompasses 2,200 ha of forests, where 769 segments were inventoried, and 46,886 single records about presence of vascular plant species were catalogued. We found 612 species (incl. subspecies and hybrids), out of which 514 were herbs, 98 were woody plants, 113 were endangered species and 170 were adventive species. The average area of a segment is 2.86 ha. The mean number of species per segment is 60.97 in a range of 4-151.

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