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The Use of Cryogenic Temperature Gas Chromatography for the Determination of Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide in Cigarette Smoke


A gas chromatographic method for the determination of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in cigarette smoke was developed. A column containing Porapak Q packing and a cryogenic temperature programmer which employed liquid nitrogen to cool the column to subambient temperatures was used. The separation of N2, O2, CO, and CO2 was accomplished at temperatures of -70°C to 40°C, and the organic vapour phase of smoke was analysed as the column temperature was programmed to 220°C. The inorganic gases were detected by thermal conductivity and the organic vapours by flame ionization. The method was used to determine the amounts of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the smoke of nonfilter, filter, and vented-filter cigarettes, and to analyse the organic vapour phase of smoke

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