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Livestock Manure Composting in Cold Regions: Challenges and Solutions



This review investigates the significant challenges of the process of livestock manure composting in cold regions and assesses the critical features related to the quality of the final compost product. Recently, the composting process has grasped more attention because of environmental pollution concerns and seeks for environmentally-sound approaches for managing livestock manure. Despite recent progress in crucial areas like the microbiology of compost, further improvement is needed in composting process monitoring. Therefore, specific obstacles related to livestock manure composting in cold regions, such as the generation and preservation of temperature, and the solution of obstacles such as inoculation of coldadapted microorganisms, and the role of biochar in prolonging the thermophilic stage of composting were reviewed. Also, the challenges were adequately addressed, and promising strategies to improve composting of livestock manure under harsh conditions were proposed. Still, there is a need for more investigation to get a better understanding of the role of microbial inoculants and biochar amendment regarding the start-up of the composting process in cold regions.

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