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Application of metric entropy for results interpretation of composite materials mechanical tests



In this paper the results of mechanical studies of the Aropol 536 composite on the epoxy-resin base are described. The aim of the studies was to measure elastic-plastic changes in the composite during its deformation. The obtained results were analyzed using Kolmogorov-Sinai metric entropy. The entropy was computed applying phase portraits reconstructed from a phase plane using delayed coordinates. Resolution of the particular experimental setup limits the number of the acquired data points, i.e., from several to tens of thousands of points and it has significant influence on accuracy of the obtained results. In conclusion, in the tested composites elastic-plastic deformations are periodic and repeat in a distinctive way in a wide range of deformations of the sample. Deformation of the elastic-plastic composite are associated with its complex structure and studies of its mechanical properties require more advanced methods such as use of Kolmogorov-Sinai metric entropy.

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