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A Market Analysis on the Cigarette-Consumption in the Federal Republic of Germany During 1961-1969 - Einige Trendanalysen zum Problem des Cigarettenrauchens in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland für die Jahre 1961-1969

   | 12 juil. 2014
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On the basis of numerous research results and data on the development of condensate contents of German cigarettes, their share of the market, the smoked length of cigarettes in laboratory tests as opposed to the average smoker, the pro capita consumption of cigarettes in the Federal Republic of Germany and the trends of the smokers' share, an estimate has been prepared in the Federal Republic on the yearly pro capita consumption of smoke condensates covering the years 1961-1969. The value for 1961 amounts to 40.2 gr., whereas for the year 1969 31.9 gr. Have been obtained. This means that the consumption of cigarette condensates in the Federal Republic has decreased during the last years. At a nearly constant share of smokers it can be seen that the consumption of smoke condensates per smoker has decreased by about 20 % during the years between 1961 and 1969 despite an increased cigarette consumption

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