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Review on Electromagnetic Stimulation of Alive Tissues

À propos de cet article


The electric, magnetic or electromagnetic phenomena that occur in the biological tissues include: the behavior of excitable tissue (the sources), the electric currents and potentials in the volume conductor, the magnetic field at and beyond the body, the response of excitable cells to electric and magnetic field stimulation (through changes in their electrical activity, changes of chemical transport through cell membrane); the intrinsic electric and magnetic properties of the tissue. This paper presents an overview of fundamental phenomena occurring in the application of stimuli with a future purpose of focusing on several models of external electromagnetic stimulation. The target is to create models of the electroconductive anatomy of some alive tissues will be proposed, in order to investigate the fields and the currents generated by the on-set of an electric field (in the first case) or a time-variant magnetic field (in the second case) or the superposition of the two types of stimuli.