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Invariant Method of Load Independent Pressure Control in Steam Boiler


The paper considers the possibility of steam production and supply process improvement by perfection of the steam boiler control system, applying invariance principle that makes possible preemptive compensation of the influence of steam expenditure as a disturbance on the control process quality and efficiency. For the development of invariant control system, the mathematical modeling and simulation in MATLAB - SIMULINK environment is made. The control unit is low pressure steam boiler with one input impact to control - the heat flow of burning gas mixture fuel, one measured output parameter of the process - the steam pressure, and the main disturbance as a load impact - the steam expenditure. The mathematical and virtual models and block-diagrams for transient process simulation is compiled, allowing to start practical design and investigation of steam boiler invariant control system with high operation stability under essentially fluctuating load. The simulation results prove that the optimal solution for the transient process improvement in steam boiler, taking in account fluctuating load, is invariant PID-DPC two loop control system with disturbance impact on steam pressure preemptive compensation. Under invariant control the steam pressure overshoots decreases substantially in comparison with the traditional PID-feedback control method.

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