This study aimed to investigate the standard formulation of aloe Vera drinks using different moringa leaf extract levels and assess the quality parameters. The result showed the moisture content of the formulated samples was 99.85 to 99.80%, with higher in sample T2 and lowered in the control sample (T0). The protein content for all samples ranged from o.11 to 0.42%, with the highest found in sample (T3) and lowest found in sample T0. The pH was increased from 3.8 to 4.13 for all samples. The mean values of TSS of aloe Vera drink for all samples were ranged between 11.33 to 13.67 %. The acidity for all samples was in the ranges of 0.25 to 0.31%. The sensory attributes of drinks were evaluated in terms of color, flavor, taste, and overall acceptability. After increasing, the moringa leaves percentage; the consumer acceptance was gradually decreased. Overall, sample T1 containing 1% moringa leaves blended with 4% aloe Vera showed a reliable result compared to other samples.

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