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Communicating globalized science: a comparative analysis of domestic and Anglo-Saxon style of academic writing in linguistics


Using examples of studies published in three international journals in the field of linguistics, the study deals with the differences between domestic and Anglo-Saxon style of scientific writing. I examine studies of Slovak and Czech authors publishing in Slovak and/or Czech and in English and compare them with the English studies of international authors for whom English is also a non-native language. I consider English to be a lingua franca which is used by the members of international scientific communities as a primary means of communication. I focus on the selected aspects of the studies which include their compositional structure, introductions and conclusions, the authorial presence, author´s self-confidence and modesty and the title of the study. The results of my analysis of these aspects in the studies of Slovak and Czech authors point to their inclination to use domestic style of writing, while in the case of their writing in English there are noticeable tendencies to hybridize the procedures of the domestic and the Anglo-Saxon styles. On the other hand, studies by international authors bear features of the Anglo-Saxon style of scientific writing. I do not consider these styles to be qualitatively different but rather complementary, as their mastery and cultivation is justified by the need to pursue scientific knowledge and communicate its results at both national and international levels.

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Linguistics and Semiotics, Theoretical Frameworks and Disciplines, Linguistics, other