Meningiomas are classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) in three grades, based on morphological features. Independent of this grading, the presence of calcification in meningiomas influences their growth rate. The messenger RNA of matrix Gla protein (MGP), an extra-hepatic protein with different conformations involved in the homeostasis of ectopic calcification has been found in meningiomas and was shown to be regulated in breast cancer by miR-155-5p, a specific micro RNA. Therefore, we investigated the expression of miR-155-5p and its relationship with local MGP conformations in different grade meningiomas. According to the WHO classification, our 41 samples of meningiomas were stratified in groups WHO I and WHO II. Using real time polymerase chain reaction, we observed a higher miR-155-5p expression in group WHO I versus group WHO II [with a fold change (FC) of 3.83, p=0.027)]. Moreover, the expression of miR-155-5p was higher in calcified tumors compared to non-calcified tumors in all samples (FC=3.01, p=0.047) and in group WHO I (FC=3.65, p=0.048). Utilizing immunohistochemistry, we determined the concurrent presence of all MGP conformations in calcified meningiomas. This study was the first to establish higher miR-155-5p expression in grade WHO I and calcified meningiomas, which could improve molecular classification and targeted therapy and also the presence of all MGP conformations in calcified meningiomas, confirming the existence of an anti-calcification mechanism in meningiomas..

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