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16 Apr 2015
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On the Privacy and Security of the Ultrasound Ecosystem

Online veröffentlicht: 04 Apr 2017
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Eingereicht: 31 Aug 2016
Akzeptiert: 01 Dec 2016
16 Apr 2015
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Nowadays users often possess a variety of electronic devices for communication and entertainment. In particular, smartphones are playing an increasingly central role in users’ lives: Users carry them everywhere they go and often use them to control other devices. This trend provides incentives for the industry to tackle new challenges, such as cross-device authentication, and to develop new monetization schemes. A new technology based on ultrasounds has recently emerged to meet these demands. Ultrasound technology has a number of desirable features: it is easy to deploy, flexible, and inaudible by humans. This technology is already utilized in a number of different real-world applications, such as device pairing, proximity detection, and cross-device tracking.

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