rss_2.0Physics FeedSciendo RSS Feed for Physics Feed Reasoning and Information Intelligent Mining<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>P-sets (P stand for Packet) and P-matrix are novel and effective mathematical tools for studying dynamic information systems. In this paper, the concept of P-information mining is given by using the dynamic characteristics of P-sets and P-matrix structure. In addition, the reasoning theorem of P-matrix and the reasoning structure are given. Moreover, the information intelligent mining method under the condition of P-matrix reasoning is obtained. As the application, intelligent recognition of information image was shown.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2022-06-15T00:00:00.000+00:00A Novel Approach to Teaching a General Education Course on Astrobiology<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>It is often a challenge to arouse much interest, motivation, and engagement in physical science courses among non-STEM majors. We attempt to address this difficulty and at the same time strive to achieve high levels of student learning by choosing a novel as the main text of the course. We created a context-rich course on astrobiology—the science of life in the universe—that uses Carl Sagan's <italic>Contact</italic> as the main text. We were able to teach the entire subject matter of a conventional course without omitting any topic. A typical class session included discussion of the science content of one chapter of Contact after students are assigned to read it and answer questions before the lecture. We assessed our approach with pretests and posttests that measure students’ knowledge of the key content areas, as well as students’ perceptions. We then calculate the students’ normalized gains, the effect size, and perform hypothesis testing. Our results show that this approach can result in substantial learning gains for students and at the same time improve students’ self-assessment and perceptions of science while not compromising the absolute learning gains.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2022-08-09T00:00:00.000+00:003D Animation Simulation of Computer Fractal and Fractal Technology Combined with Diamond-Square Algorithm<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>This article studies the generation of 3D animation simulation based on gray value algorithm and fractal interpolation algorithm. The article uses fractal technology combined with the Diamond-Square algorithm to generate height data and then color it. This algorithm optimizes the 3D animation process. The results show that the algorithm is fast in generating speed and only needs to input a few simple animation parameters to generate different 3D animations.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2022-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Stiffness Calculation of Gear Hydraulic System Based on the Modeling of Nonlinear Dynamics Differential Equations in the Progressive Method<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>The paper calculates the nonlinear dynamic differential equation model based on the stiffness of the gear teeth and gives the calculation method of the spring stiffness of the transmission system. Choose the Lyapunov energy function and derive the adaptive law that can make the system asymptotically stable globally. At the same time, we discussed the influence of the phase combination of the coupling shaft's torsional stiffness and the gears' meshing stiffness in the multi-stage gear transmission system on the system dynamics. The example calculation shows that the asymptotic method has higher solution accuracy and higher calculation efficiency. This algorithm is a highly versatile analytical solution method.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2022-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Mathematical Method to Construct the Linear Programming of Football Training<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>This article uses mathematical modeling methods to predict the trajectory of a free kick in football. The article calculates the parameters of the ball's trajectory and quantifies the power of direct free kick shots. The article combines Kalman filter prediction and linear interpolation to supplement the position of the missed ball in the video. The experimental results show that the estimated result of this method is highly similar to the actual flight trajectory of football. This algorithm can be applied in practice.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2022-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Relationship Between Enterprise Talent Management and Performance Based on the Structural Equation Model Method<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>This article uses SPSS19.0 and AMOS21.0 statistical software to explore the relationship between corporate talent management and corporate performance. We use the structural equation model to quantitatively analyze the human resource management factors that affect logistics performance. Research shows that intellectual capital has a significant positive effect on enterprise innovation performance. The value proposition of employee training to customers and good customer service have an overall positive economic effect. Human capital plays a significant role in driving innovation performance only in the more mature stage of enterprise development.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2022-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00The Size of Children's Strollers of Different Ages Based on Ergonomic Mathematics Design<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>By establishing common simplified model rules for strollers, the early planning of rapid modeling of new products is realized. We have ergonomically designed the shock-absorbing structure of the stroller. Studies have shown that the vibration damping of the stroller has the greatest relationship with the damping structure of the car body itself. The vibration acceleration monitoring of the cart with the frame damping system found that due to the frame damping system, nylon components are used for isolation between the frame connection parts and between the wheel and the seat pocket so that the nylon can effectively absorb the impact energy.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2022-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Basalt fibre continuous reinforcement composite pavement reinforcement design based on finite element model<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>The thrust of basalt fibre (BFRP) tendons will result in narrower transverse crack spacing, decreased load transfer capacity of transverse cracks and voids at the bottom of the slab, which will lead to thrust failure. The thesis uses the finite element analysis method to analyse the material characteristics of BFRP tendons. At the same time, the article determines the critical load position corresponding to the tensile stress of concrete and BFRP tendons, and analyses the influence of voids, crack spacing and other factors on the load stress of concrete and BFRP tendons. The study results found that continuously reinforced concrete and asphalt overlay composite design can reduce cracks.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2021-12-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Mathematical modelling of enterprise financial risk assessment based on risk conduction model<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>Risk transmission has three elements: risk source, risk flow and risk carrier. The paper quotes the asymmetric model and the joint asymmetric model to analyse the conduction effects of financial risks. At the same time, the article uses the elasticity coefficient to quantitatively calculate the risk transmission effect of the two supply chain financial financing modes. The research results prove that the risk transmission ability of each financial market has individual differences, and the foreign exchange market does not have significant risk transmission ability to other markets during the rising stage. The joint asymmetric model is more effective in predicting corporate financial risks.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2021-12-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Financial Crisis Early Warning Model of Listed Companies Based on Fisher Linear Discriminant Analysis<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>This article first uses a new method of nonlinear combination forecasting based on neural networks to construct a financial crisis early warning model and conduct an empirical study. The drafting article uses Fisher's second-class linear discriminant analysis and binary logistic regression to establish a three-year early warning model for listed companies before the financial crisis. Empirical research shows that this early warning model applies to various industries. It can play a certain role in predicting and preventing the financial crisis of Chinese companies.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2022-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Optimal Solution of the Fractional Differential Equation to Solve the Bending Performance Test of Corroded Reinforced Concrete Beams under Prestressed Fatigue Load<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>With the help of fractional differential equations, this article studies the failure morphology, fatigue strength, and fatigue life of corroded reinforced concrete beams under fatigue loading. Studies have shown that the mid-span deflection of low-corrosion reinforced concrete beams is smaller than that of uncorroded reinforced concrete beams. The corrosion-fatigue coupling effect accelerates the fatigue crack growth rate of steel bars. This reduces the fatigue modulus of concrete and causes the stiffness of the beam to degrade. The research results provide a theoretical basis for the fatigue performance evaluation of corroded reinforced concrete beams.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2022-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00BIM Building HVAC Energy Saving Technology Based on Fractional Differential Equation<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>This article uses BIM technology to simulate HVAC in a commercial building. And use fractional differential equations to verify the set temperature, humidity, and other related parameters. The experiment takes an air-conditioned room model as the research object and uses the thermodynamic characteristics to establish a dynamic mathematical model of differential equations. Research shows that the multiple electric heat pump equipment aggregation groups discussed in this article are a good resource for user-side demand response. The air-side flow rate disturbance of the building HVAC has the greatest impact on the heat transfer of the surface cooler. As the air velocity increases, the rate of increase in heat exchange will decrease.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2022-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Real Estate Economic Development Based on Logarithmic Growth Function Model<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>This article uses a logarithmic growth model to analyze the correlation between the national economy and real estate. It reveals the Granger causality between the national economy and the real estate economy. The results show a long-term equilibrium relationship and a two-way Granger causality between real estate prices and economic growth. Excessive growth in real estate prices will create bubbles and will also drive economic growth backward.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2022-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Data Forecasting of Air-Conditioning Load in Large Shopping Malls Based on Multiple Nonlinear Regression<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>This article applies multiple nonlinear regression methods to establish a forecasting model for the load characteristics of air conditioning in shopping malls at different times. Based on Python data, determine the functional relationship of refrigerant parameters concerning pressure and temperature. The article uses kernel smoothing estimation technology to calculate the room temperature probability density distribution of users participating in DLC to characterize the user's comfort. The article's research results show that the average error between the regression analysis results of refrigerant parameters and the reference value is within 1%. This model is suitable for medium and long-term load forecasting. It has high prediction accuracy for the sudden change trend with a turning point.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2022-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00The Marketing of Cross-border E-commerce Enterprises in Foreign Trade Based on the Statistics of Mathematical Probability Theory<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>This article applies mathematical probability theory to statistical algorithms to conduct game analysis on the relevant marketing decisions of foreign trade cross-border e-commerce. We build a theoretical framework for the collaborative development of SMEs and cross-border e-commerce platforms. At the same time, build a trustworthy transaction margin mechanism for cross-border e-commerce transactions in a fuzzy market environment. The participation of the blockchain big data platform can promote the development of foreign trade cross-border e-commerce toward a more transparent and healthy partnership.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2022-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Optimization of Color Matching Technology in Cultural Industry by Fractional Differential Equations<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>This article combines the fractional differential theory with the total variation method and applies it to defining cultural industry image color matching. At the same time, we propose a new image color matching denoising model based on fractional partial differential equations. The model achieves simultaneous denoising in the time direction and the spaceplane. Experiments have proved that the fractional partial differential equations method has more advantages than integer-order partial differential equations in denoising and reducing step effects. It can effectively improve the contrast and clarity of image color matching in the cultural industry.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2022-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Higher Mathematics Teaching Curriculum Model Based on Lagrangian Mathematical Model<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>This paper refers to the Lagrangian mathematical model and the Rackwitz-Fiessler transform model in modeling advanced mathematics applications. In this paper, the Lagrangian interpolation method and Rackwitz-Fiessler transform are used to calculate the correlation coefficient efficiently. The purpose of this algorithm is to speed up the process of probabilistic modeling. This paper uses integral probability transformation to characterize the output's uncertainty by the production's joint distribution function. The purpose of this process is to improve the reliability of the calculation. Through the algorithm analysis, it is found that the method is reasonable and efficient.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2022-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Higher Education Agglomeration Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship Based on Spatial Dubin Model<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>We use the panel data of innovation and entrepreneurship for global spatial autocorrelation and model selection testing. At the same time, we applied the Spatial Dubin Model (SDM) to empirically study the knowledge spillover effects of higher education campuses on regional innovation capabilities. Experimental research found that there are significant spatial differences in the innovation efficiency of universities. Specialized agglomeration can effectively improve the innovation efficiency and scale efficiency of colleges and universities. At the same time, the diversified agglomeration has no obvious effect on the innovation efficiency of colleges and universities. The accumulation of high-tech industries can effectively promote the innovation efficiency of universities. Human capital and opening to the outside world can effectively improve the innovation efficiency of universities.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2022-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Fractional Differential Equations in Sports Training in Universities<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>The article theoretically analyzes the relevant knowledge of shot put in the shot put sports training of colleges and universities. The fractional differential equations are used to analyze the influence of the initial speed and the shot situation on the performance of the shot put. We obtain the joint angles of each stage of the shot throw through experimental design, time-consuming, final speed, limb displacement, shot-put shot speed, height, angle, and other kinematic parameters, and the shot-put motion trajectory of the picture stroke of the relevant action characteristics.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2022-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Mathematical Calculus Modeling in Improving the Teaching Performance of Shot Put<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>The article applies mathematical calculus modeling to analyze the force of shot put. We emphatically analyzed the relationship between the angle of the shot and the initial velocity and calculated the motion trajectory equation of the shot put. The above research results are used to assist in the analysis and help improve the teaching performance of sports shot put. The study found that different forces have different effects on the horizontal displacement of the shot. Under the comprehensive force analysis, the horizontal velocity gradually decreases with time, and under the gravity analysis, the horizontal velocity of the shot is constant. The horizontal displacement of the shot put is related to the shooting angle and initial speed. Under the comprehensive force analysis, the influence of air resistance and buoyancy on the throwing distance is different due to the different combinations of shooting angle and initial speed.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2022-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00en-us-1