rss_2.0Transport technic and technology FeedSciendo RSS Feed for Transport technic and technology technic and technology 's Cover200300Possibilities for Introducing a New Night Train Connection in Middle Europe<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>Liberalisation of the rail transport market is the main aim of the European Union in the field of transport policy. Open access on the market allows railway undertakings to provide their services, but it also requires to compete with each other. In recent years, night train services have experienced a renaissance, especially in west-Europe countries. A development of this type of services is important to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality in EU, especially in context of affordable air transport. The aim of this study is to analyse current night train services in middle Europe and find opportunities for their further development. In this article we have proposed new night train connections between Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Germany, provided by railway undertaking in open access mode, with a detailed cost calculation. This is necessary to assess the economic efficiency of introducing new connections. Results of the cost calculations form the basis of the price for transport on newly introduced routes.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2021-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Construction Layout of Stations and its Impact to Train Delays<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>The paper focuses on construction layout of railway stations, mainly platforms for boarding passenger trains. Platform layout has significant impact to the operation of trains, because passengers cross some tracks horizontally, when the train boarding is necessary. Horizontal track crossings cause possible dangerous situations from passengers’ point of view as well as operational problems from dispatcher point of view, because other trains have to slow or stop their ride. It may cause delays and it negatively influences timetable planning too. The problem is deeply analysed and described in a case study of Opatov railway station.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2021-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Proposal for the Evaluation of the Stability Level of Periodic Timetable in Terms of Operation and Infrastructure<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>The introduction of tact timetable in rail passenger transport is currently a new evolving trend that increases the efficiency of rail transport. This article seeks to contribute in this area of the issue and thus to raise and improve this system of organizing transport in railway transport. The aim is to propose a methodology that assesses the level of stability of tact timetable based on operational and infrastructural factors. The methodology identifies operational-infrastructural factors that affect the stability and reliability of tact timetable. Using scientific methods, it presents the method of their quantification and determination of the weights of these factors, which evaluate the line sections and transport points of the examined transport path. From a practical point of view, the methodology is generally tact applicable to other European railway networks. In the final part of the work, this methodological procedure is applied in the form of model examples for various transport path.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2021-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Evaluation of the Impact of International Trade Using Regression and Correlation Models<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>The connection of international economies in the world represents an important role for the development of modern economies of countries. This phenomenon is known as globalization. The article describes in more detail the dependence of the Slovak Republic on the economies of East Asia, where mathematical research was performed on macroeconomic indicators of imports and exports. The Slovak Republic is experiencing an increase in GDP for the entire reference period. The growth of economic indicators in the Slovak Republic is ensured mainly due to the strong integration of our economy into international logistics chains and the strongly developed automotive industry. However, assuming the COVID-19 crisis, several studies suggest a sharp decline in economic indicators, as international trade has had to be significantly reduced for some time. The countries we examined in the article have a significant impact on these areas, so our research was focused on the main sectors of the Slovak economy. The automotive industry, the metallurgical industry and the electronics industry were evaluated. Data from world statistics were evaluated using mathematical and statistical models. The result of the study was the confirmation of dependence in all the categories.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2021-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Impact of Signalling Device Failures in Context of the Railway Timetable<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>The quality of the transport process in railway transport depends on the compliance of the timetable. Delays in rail transport are due to various reasons. One of the common factors is also failures in the stations or track interlocking systems. In the article is published the results of the performed simulation of failures of interlocking systems in the conditions of the transport laboratory at the Department of Railway Transport. The research was part of a student project solved at the University of Zilina.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2021-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Influence of Tire Pressure on Noise Road<abstract> <title style='display:none'>Abstract</title> <p>The article concerns the analysis of the influence of pressure on the noise generated by tires. The largest source of noise and vibrations is the cooperation of the wheels with the surface and the aerodynamic noise. For this purpose, seven winter tires, seven summer tires and one all-season tire were tested in the same region and same conditions. By changing the pressure in them in the range of 1-3 bar, the noise of the tires was measured. On the basis of the conducted tests, it can be concluded that with the decrease of tire pressure, the noise level of the tire decreases. The average noise drop recorded during tests for all types of tested tires is about 1.5 dB at a pressure drop of approx. 2 bar. The decrease in noise at reduced pressure is also dependent on the size of the tire and the softness of the mixture used for the production of tires. When operating the vehicle, follow the manufacturer's tire pressure recommendations.</p> </abstract>ARTICLE2021-07-15T00:00:00.000+00:00Fixation of Tarpaulin Sheet of Platform HDV and its Impact to Air Resistance<abstract><title style='display:none'>Abstract</title><p>This paper due to determine an aerodynamic drag for different ways of tarpaulin fixation, specifically tarpaulin tension and disposition on platform-type body of a HDV. More positions of the tarpaulin were investigated. Determination of the resistances was done by coast down test of the vehicle according to Slovakian technical standard (STN). The aerodynamic drag was calculated from actual vehicle deceleration during the coast down test from the actual velocity changes. The vehicle actual velocity was measured by GPS logging device. Results are values of resistance, which affect the vehicle and their sum represents the actual engine power needed for vehicles driving.</p></abstract>ARTICLE2018-11-16T00:00:00.000+00:00Influence of the Braking System that is Contrary to Legislation on Breaking Characteristics of Passenger Car<abstract><title style='display:none'>Abstract</title><p>There are also the vehicles among the other vehicles in road traffic that have been modified without being authorised by their producer. These also include modifications such as structural modifications in the vehicle break system. Besides a brake system of road motor vehicles is one of the main factors influencing the active safety of vehicles. The design of the brake system, its technical condition and additional intervention in its construction may have a positive as well as negative impact on the braking distance length and the value of the mean braking deceleration achieved. The paper focuses on the influence of the brake disc diameter of the front axle on the achieved value of the mean braking deceleration and the braking distance length, while the braking system has been modified for several times without being approved by car manufacturer. The introductory part of the paper describes the braking distance sections and it also explains the term of mean braking deceleration. The following part of the paper deals with the measurement methodology, measuring equipment and the vehicle used during the measurements as well as procedures employed. The results obtained from the measurements are processed and presented in tables and also in graphs for greater clarity. The final part of the paper summarizes and evaluates the measured results. The importance of the paper lies in quantification of the influence of brake discs with different diameters on the vehicle active safety in the case of a particular vehicle.</p></abstract>ARTICLE2018-11-16T00:00:00.000+00:00New Training Schemes for the Future Education in Transport Sector<abstract><title style='display:none'>Abstract</title><p>Transport is a social sector that is rapidly developing, changing and being influenced to the maximum extent by the technological development and innovation, among others, thus facing problems in staffing its several domains with appropriate and qualified personnel. This fact, makes the need for changes in training and education of future transport professionals. SKILLFUL project vision is to identify the skills and competences needed by the transport workforce of the future and define the training methods and tools to meet them. Paper focuses on mid-term results of the project.</p></abstract>ARTICLE2018-11-16T00:00:00.000+00:00Opportunities for Solving Urban and Environmental Problems by Progressive City Logistics Tools<p>At present, high traffic intensity level on the roads currently saturates a great demand for individual transportation. Mobility is an important part of everyday activities in cities. The increasing number of passenger and freight vehicles on the widening transport infrastructure raises several problems. The range of use of public passenger transport does satisfy enough the citizens needs and its use is constantly decreasing, especially in the new EU countries. One of the reasons is also the growing sale and production of new passenger cars in the EU, resulting in congestion in the road infrastructure of cities and environmental problems. These issues are dealt with the modern City Logistics concept. The contribution focused on the basic principles of city logistics, the reasons for its development and, in particular, the possibilities of practical use. An example is the city of Trenčín in Slovakia, where a regional rail passenger transport is proposed for city traffic service including Park and Ride system.</p>ARTICLE2019-07-02T00:00:00.000+00:00Assessing the Impact of Using Fuels Made from Vegetable Oil on Selected Operational Vehicle Characteristics<p>Vegetable oil based fuels significantly enable reducing the costs of fuel purchased. CI engine vehicles with rotary and inline injection pump can be fuelled by vegetable oil based fuels instead of being fuelled by diesel. This is very common, since their price is lower in comparison with diesel. The article focuses on the impact of using fuels made from vegetable oil on selected vehicle characteristics in particular conditions. It includes the measurements of the impact of using fuels such as FAME, fresh oil and used oil on the engine smoke opacity, content of selected emissions in the exhaust gases as well as on the engine power and torque’s course. The measurement results are mutually compared with the results measured when using diesel. In order to secure the measurements to be repeatable, they were performed in laboratory at the cylinder test station MAHA MSR 1050. The vehicle tested during its last 100,000 kilometres driven by vegetable oil based fuel has been selected for these measurements. Therefore, by these measurements, it was also possible to assume partially the impact of long-term using aforesaid fuels on selected vehicle characteristics.</p>ARTICLE2019-07-02T00:00:00.000+00:00Proposal of Technology of Train Composition in Košice Station<p>The rolling stock, its operation and maintenance are one of the problems that concern every rail carrier. Appropriate scheduling of wagons composition, its circulation and maintenance is not simple, especially if the carrier has a low number of locomotives and wagons used every day. In this paper is proposed a technology of wagons composition in the station Košice.</p>ARTICLE2019-07-02T00:00:00.000+00:00Railways as a Key Part of Integrated Transport Systems<p>Integrated passenger transport system consists of many factors with various impacts on the entire system quality. In passenger transport, there are mostly individual passengers therefore it is difficult to determine all transport requirements. In the passenger transport system, there are several modes of transport, but passengers mostly use road and rail transport. Passenger transport system is influenced by many qualitative factors with various impacts. The paper is focused on analysis of the role of railways in integrated passenger transport systems. The analysis is from passenger point of view because the key element in railway passenger transport is the passenger (customer), who requires the transport from one place to another. A basic precondition for accomplishing the main requirement (transport), is making the complete offer which provides not only transport, but also other complementary services. There are several types of passenger trains, which jointly create a part of integrated transport system. Quality of this transport system depends on train route topology, timetable of trains, number and location of all stations and stops. Primary function of the transport system is providing transport for passengers on regional, national-interregional and international level; therefore, the analysis involves these levels.</p>ARTICLE2019-07-02T00:00:00.000+00:00Logistics Audit in a Transport Company<p>Logistics audit is an effective tool of logistics management of a company, which serves to analyze and control the efficient and economic implementation of logistics activities. Today, more and more companies apply logistics audit in their practice, because it appears to be a very effective tool in today’s turbulent business environment. Such a tool assesses the state and performance of the management of the company’s logistics activities. The logistics audit determines changes and settings of individual processes that will lead to an increase in the quality and performance of the logistics system as a whole. Which means increasing the competitiveness of the company. The article focuses specifically on the application of logistics audit within the transport company. Because so far this tool has been applied mainly in the conditions of manufacturing companies and focused on optimizing the logistics of production processes. The article describes the procedure of performing a logistics audit and analyzes the main processes in a transport company.</p>ARTICLE2020-07-24T00:00:00.000+00:00Impact of Steel Industry on Freight Railway Makret in Central Europe<p>The interconnection of Eurasia through logistics chains using rail transport as the main mode of transport brings many opportunities for EU member states with Chinas economic potential. Accelerating the import of goods and semi-finished products into domestic industrial production from China by railway may pose a risk to the economic performance of countries that depend on industrial production and its structures.</p>ARTICLE2020-07-24T00:00:00.000+00:00Proposal of Traffic Service Rationalization on Zvolen – Šahy Railway Line<p>Increasing population mobility and current trend of creating integrated passenger transport systems are opportunities for finding new possibilities to rationalization the railway passenger transport on those lines, where are no passenger trains or where the traffic service is not optimal nowadays. Precondition of reinstating the railway passenger transport is thorough potential passenger analysis, where there are actual geographic, demographic and transport characteristics of the region, where this line is situated. The contribution describes the passenger transport system, timetables rationalization and standards of traffic service in rail passenger transport. Consequently, according to these outputs and demographic and transport characteristic was proposed the rationalization of traffic service at Zvolen – Šahy transport route.</p>ARTICLE2020-07-24T00:00:00.000+00:00Qualitative and Quantitative Indicators of Railway Stations<p>The liberalization of the rail freight market has been booming in recent years. On a pan-European scale, new freight carriers are increasing year after year. Support for the liberalization of the railway sector is mainly implemented through the so-called railway packages and one of the tools is the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the individual railway stations. The relevance of the article is mainly to propose measures for railway stations, where freight transport is declining despite the liberalized market. These are main railway stations located on regional lines and railway stations with a smaller scope of transport work. The aim of this paper will be to propose measures to support freight transport in the Slovak Republic by setting minimum requirements (standards) for railway stations depending on their performance, respecting their current technical level of railway operation.</p>ARTICLE2020-07-24T00:00:00.000+00:00Estimate Attraction Rate for Shopping Centers<p>In developing countries like Baghdad, it has seen high growth of urbanization accompanied by the high trip rate, which conduces increased vehicle traffic and human traffic. One of the major problems is the increase in traffic congestion of unplanned development of various structures at various locations. Four-step demand models are important in planning and forecasting future demand. Trip generation is an important step when planning urban infrastructure. In this study, three shopping centers (AL Mansour mall, Babylon mall, and al Waha mall) were selected, trip attraction rates were calculated using two approaches (trip rate analysis method, and Regression analysis method). The number of persons entering and exiting the site for every 15-minute interval during peak hours is estimated. This research considers various physical characteristics of shopping centers, gross floor area (GFA), number of employees and the number of stores in the shopping center. From the data analysis, good relations exist between the dependent variable (trip rate) and various independent variables, and the developed trip rate per GFA per 1000 m2 is 133 person trips and various trip rates are presented through this study.</p>ARTICLE2020-07-24T00:00:00.000+00:00The Analysis of Safety Measures in the Košice Railway Station<p>The paper analyzes the impact of work technology on the safety of traffic at the Košice railway station. The paper is divided into three parts. The first part describes the characteristics of the Košice railway station, equipment in the station, and external influences that affect the technological procedures of work in the station. The second part consists of analysis according to traffic safety. The conclusion deals with possible proposals for improving the safety of traffic in Košice.</p>ARTICLE2020-07-24T00:00:00.000+00:00Application of Railway Safety System Radioblock<p>This paper focus on description of railway safety system radioblock and its application. Content of the paper describes usefulness of this system on those railway lines, which have been operated according to norm about simplified supervision of railway operation. Theoretical basis of the research is proved by case study on the railway line Číčenice – Volary (Czechia). This railway line is the only railway line with this safety system nowadays. Application of these issues is evaluated from safety and technology point of view. There are some suggestions for other railway lines, which are suitable for radioblock railway safety system.</p>ARTICLE2019-12-30T00:00:00.000+00:00en-us-1