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30 Mar 2018
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The concept of operation and production control

Published Online: 12 Jun 2021
Page range: 100 - 107
Received: 10 Feb 2021
Accepted: 15 Apr 2021
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First Published
30 Mar 2018
Publication timeframe
4 times per year

The theoretical aim of the paper is to analyses the main function and concept of production control in operation management. The empirical aim of the paper is to investigate polish production firm opinion about factors affecting production planning and control and also functions of production planning and control. Production control is very important in every factory, and every aspect of operation and production management especially in times of Industry 4.0 conditions. In the paper we presented all classical seven task of production management control. Also there is in the paper an analysis of main factors affecting production control in industrial organization. In the paper we analysed the problems connected with production control. Nowadays in the conditions of Industry 4.0 this is very important concept because the increasing level of digitalization of all industrial processes leads to possibility of detailed analysis of all processes and better level of control. Operation managers should have good level of knowledge about production control and especially quality control. They can use in this many new information tools like statistical methods and artificial intelligence. Especially we think that in the future many function of production control would be assisted by artificial intelligence. We also in the paper give results of research conducted on example of 30 polish production organizations located in Silesia region.


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