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Application of ZigBee sensor network to data acquisition and monitoring

   | Dec 23, 2009

A ZigBee sensor network for data acquisition and monitoring is presented in this paper. It is configured using a commercially available ZigBee solution. A ZigBee module is connected via a USB interface to a Microsoft Windows PC, which works as a base station in the sensor network. Data collected by remote devices are sent to the base station PC, which is set as a data sink. Each remote device is built of a commercially available ZigBee module product and a sensor. The sensor is a thermocouple connected to a cold junction compensator amplifier. The signal from the amplifier is input to an AD converter port on the ZigBee module. Temperature data are transmitted according to the ZigBee protocol from the remote device to the data sink PC. The data sampling rate is one sampling per second; the highest possible rate is four samplings per second. The data are recorded in the hexadecimal number format by device control software, and the data file is stored in text format on the data sink PC. Time-dependent data changes can be monitored using the macro function of spreadsheet software. The system is considered a useful tool in the field of education, based on the results of trial use for measurement in an undergraduate laboratory class at a university.

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