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Non-Linear Analysis of an RC Beam Without Shear Reinforcement with a Sensitivity Study of the Material Properties of Concrete


A detailed analysis of concrete structures requires knowledge of the mechanical properties of the materials used. In the case of a non-linear analysis, the scope of the information needed is even greater. In particular, the tensile strength and fracture-mechanical parameters are required for the concrete. Prospective approaches that could increase the informative value of detailed analyses include the use of stochastic modelling. It particularly enables the definition of the effects of individual input parameters on the load capacity, failure mode, and general behaviour of the structure. The presented paper aims at a detailed analysis of a reinforced-concrete beam without shear reinforcement, which is based on a complex set of laboratory tests and non-linear analyses with a sensitivity study. The laboratory program includes different types of laboratory tests. Selected and missing material parameters of the concrete are calculated according to recommendations in scientific papers and the valid standards. The results are compared and discussed.

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