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Media Relations in Polish Police – Rules and Tools of Social Communication Empirical Research Results


The existence of press offices in public administration, in uniformed forces, is not a new phenomenon– even in Poland. This profession did not appear in the nineties as it may have seemed, but had been present much earlier. The fact is that after the political transformation in 1989, it became less propaganda orientated and leant towards public relations. Nowadays, almost every uniform service has a smaller or bigger structure of media-related officers, who are capable of using strategies, tools and techniques from the field of social communication for the fulfilment of various goals. The Polish Police force is a service which was the first that started developing press services and built a system for managing media relations effects. Specific operation of uniform press services which is described in the article was based upon the internal police data and field research based on a research project “Marketing communication of uniformed forces in Poland”.