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Green method of conversion of geraniol to value-added products in the presence of selected minerals


The study presents the results of research on the process of geraniol (GA) transformation in the presence of natural minerals: montmorillonite, mironekuton, halloysite and also in the presence of halloysite modified with 0.1 M water solution of H2SO4. To obtain information on the structure of the used catalysts, instrumental studies were performed (SEM, XRD, FT-IR, XRF, BET). The second part of the research consisted in examining the influence of individual parameters (temperature, catalyst content, and reaction time) on the course of GA transformation process. The syntheses were carried out without the application of solvent and under atmospheric pressure. To determine the most beneficial process conditions, two functions were selected: GA conversion and selectivity of GA. The proposed method of GA transformation on such minerals: montmorillonite, mironekuton, halloysite, has not been described in the literature so far.

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