1. bookVolume 23 (2012): Issue 1 (September 2012)
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First Published
26 Feb 2008
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Uncertainty Problem in Decision Support System for Means of Transport Maintenance Processes Performance Development / Problem Niepewności W Systemie Wsparcia Decyzyjnego Procesów Utrzymania W Stanie Zdatności Środków Transportu

Published Online: 15 Nov 2013
Volume & Issue: Volume 23 (2012) - Issue 1 (September 2012)
Page range: 173 - 192
Journal Details
First Published
26 Feb 2008
Publication timeframe
4 times per year

In this paper, the authors’ research work is focused on uncertainty analysis implementation in the developed DSS for transportation means’ maintenance processes performance. Thus, in the Introduction section, the transportation means’ maintenance processes issues and the uncertainty problem are described. Later, there is briefly literature overview in the research area discussed. In the next Section, the expert system for means of transport maintenance processes performance is also investigated. Following this, the uncertainty analysis is developed and the examples of expert system implementation are given. The work ends up with summary and directions for further research.


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