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Research on indoor environment design of comprehensive commercial shopping center based on numerical simulation


With the innovation and development of commercial shopping centers in China, the shopping environment is becoming more and more colorful. However, in today’s social environment, the central function of low-level consumption experience can no longer meet the needs of the masses. Therefore, in the design of indoor environment, we should start from a new perspective, focusing on the difference of internal space and the experience of consumption mode, so as to meet the development needs of commercial shopping in the future. Based on the research on the indoor environment of comprehensive commercial shopping center, comprehensive commercial shopping center in a certain area as the research target, the corresponding mathematical model was constructed, and using the measured method validation build the model of reliability and validity, thus obtains using CFD numerical simulation software of thermal and moisture environment of building an in-depth exploration, The effective countermeasures are put forward for the original air distribution mode. Comparing the improved scheme with the original scheme, it is found that the former can provide effective basis for the interior environment design of similar comprehensive commercial shopping malls.

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