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16 May 2013
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Legal-Surveying Documentation in the Registration of Rights to Properties of the Treasury and of Territorial Self-government Units – Case Study of Poland

Published Online: 22 Jun 2020
Page range: 76 - 88
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First Published
16 May 2013
Publication timeframe
4 times per year

The Act of 21 August 1997 on Real Estate Management imposes on district governors within the management of the Treasury-owned real estates, as well as the commune head, the mayor or city mayor – in the case of the real estate resources of the commune, poviat management - to the poviat real estate resource and voivodship board, in relation to the provincial real estate resource – the obligation to undertake actions in court proceedings, particularly in cases concerning ownership or other property rights. In addition, it obliges them to submit applications for the establishment of a land register and for its updating.


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