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16 Apr 2016
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Compaction Behaviour Modelling of Metal-Ceramic Powder Mixtures. A Review

Published Online: 12 Jun 2018
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16 Apr 2016
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Powder mixtures compaction behavior can be quantitatively expressed by densification equations that describe the relationship between densities - applied pressure during the compaction stages, using correction factors. The modelling of one phase (metal/ceramic) powders or two-phase metal-ceramic powder composites was studied by many researchers, using the most commonly compression equations (Balshin, Heckel, Cooper and Eaton, Kawakita and Lüdde) or relative new ones (Panelli - Ambrózio Filho, Castagnet-Falcão- Leal Neto, Ge Rong-de, Parilák and Dudrová, Gerdemann and Jablonski. Also, for a better understanding of the consolidation process by compressing powder blends and for better prediction of compaction behavior, it's necessary the modeling and simulation of the powder pressing process by computer numerical simulation. In this paper are presented the effect of ceramic particles additions in metallic matrix on the compressibility of composites made by P/M route, taking into account (a) the some of above mentioned powder compression equations and also (b) the compaction behavior modeling through finite element method (FEM) and discrete element modeling (DEM) or combined finite/ discrete element (FE/DE) method.


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