1. bookVolume 25 (2015): Issue 4 (December 2015)
    Special issue: Complex Problems in High-Performance Computing Systems, Editors: Mauro Iacono, Joanna Kołodziej
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First Published
05 Apr 2007
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4 times per year
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Exponential Estimates of a Class of Time–Delay Nonlinear Systems with Convex Representations

Published Online: 30 Dec 2015
Volume & Issue: Volume 25 (2015) - Issue 4 (December 2015) - Special issue: Complex Problems in High-Performance Computing Systems, Editors: Mauro Iacono, Joanna Kołodziej
Page range: 815 - 826
Received: 02 Aug 2014
Journal Details
First Published
05 Apr 2007
Publication timeframe
4 times per year

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